Ronald A. Taylor was born and raised in Fyzabad, a thriving oil town in the lush island of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s gave him a unique perspective on people and the arts which is central to his work as an artist.

Taylor has a passion for the arts and paints primarily in acrylic. His pieces both small and large are low in content and vibrant in colour. In Toronto his love for nature led him to experience the arts in a whole new light. As a self-taught painter, the spirit speaks and dances through his brushes and is reborn with with each new canvas.

Chanting, dancing and painting center him and put him at peace. Advice from the Caribbean carnival costume designer, Wayne Berkeley reminded Taylor always to do things the “Taylor way”. Like dance he pushes the physical canvas and at the same time reflects on the universality of Buddhism, which inspires his love for nature.