Canada – Ronald Taylor Dance/ Canboulay Dance Theatre

2016     Episode 2010
2016     Pique
2010     Fusion 2010
2003     Beryl O Beryl: The Sacrificial Lamb, I ‘n’ I, “What Dreams May Come”
2002     Maljo
2001     Symphonic Steel- First Flight
2000     Andre’s Canvas-Ode to a Pan Man, Songs My Mother Taught Me
2000     In the Depths of My Palais
1999     La Diabless, Universal Being
1998     MASS..A Spiritual Journey to the Creator Within- Something Within,
1998     Birth 2
1996     Birth 1
1995     Dougla…To Share – On the Path of Wisdom- c.Lata Pada & c.Ronald A. Taylor
1994     Meelee Meelee
1991     Skyline
1991     Liming (Love Songs)
1991     Single line to my soul
1991     Celebrate Always, A. J.
1991     Petite Pique
1986     The Devil’s Daughter – The Enchanting Hive (Astor Johnson and Ronald A. Taylor)
1985     Ribbon in the Sky Broom
1984     Awakening


Solo works

2010     Fusion 2010
2006     Resistance (Durham District School Board)
2005     I’ n ‘I Solo Work (Kuumba Festival)
1998     DeJame Gritar and Some: On the Path of Wisdom
1998     Birth
1997     Andre Canvas
1997     Dougla Share co-choreographed with Lata Pada (SAMPRADAYA)
1996     A Tribute to Eva: Ujamma African People’s Organization (Solo Work)
1995     Excerpts
1993     Backyard Jam
1993     Let’s Eat Let’s Dance
1993     Christmas Was Hell
1993     Theatre People’s Productions
1993     Fashion Rap
1993     Art Start
1993     Our Cultural Roots
1992     …& 5, 6, 7, 8!: Ronald Taylor & Friends
1992     Celebrate Always AJ
1992     Christmas on Broadway: Wayne Berkley
1991     Pas de Deux
1991     Hooray for Broadway: Wayne Berkley
1991     Thieving Magpie
1991     Classical Jewels VII: Massy All-Stars Steel Orchestra
1991     Sketching 1 (The Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Company)
1989     Truly From the Heart
1986     The Devils Daughter (Noble Douglas Dance Company Ltd)
1986     The Enchanting Hive (Caribbean School of Dancing Ltd.)
1986     The Awakening (The Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Company)

Dance Collaborations
2001     Let Dancing Feet Shake The Earth: Janak Khendry Dance Company                             (Canboulay Dance Theatre)
2001     Blood Wedding – D: Rhoma Spencer, C: Ronald A. Taylor
2000     Artword Theatre- In the Depths of My Palais
1997     Dougla Share co-choreographed with Lata Pada (SAMPRADAYA)
2001     Dejame Gritar! and Some… (Arte Flamenco and Canboulay Dance Theatre)
2007     He Moves(Co-created by Harbourfront Center and Canboulay Dance Theatre)

Performance Experiences
– Canada /USA / Caribbean

2001-06  Something Positive Inc, NYC, USA
2003-06  Mariposa in the Schools, Kick up your heel and Kuumba Festival at Harbourfront
2003     Janak Khendry- Harbourfront Center (Ensemble)
2003     Harry Jerome Awards
2002     Maljo: Betty Oliphant Theatre (Canboulay Dance Theatre)
2002     Caliban Arts Frank Francis (Canboulay Dance Theatre)
2002     Souls: Premier Dance Theatre (Holly Small)
2002     Symphonic Steel: (Canboulay Dance Theatre)
2002     Not for women only: T&T Television Trinidad (Solo Work)
2002     Mariposa In the Schools (Various Performances)
2000     Technicolour Dream Press (Solo Work)
2000     The Leopard Tale Ballethnic Dance Company, Atlanta (Waverly T. Lucas II)
1999     Pan Celsius Seneca College Religious Conference
1999     The 50th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence: CNE
1999     Me’irim Dance Company (Shula Strassfield)
1999     Command Performance: Royal Conservatory of Music
1999     Dance Immersion
1999     Vision TV: Skyline
1999     African Canadian Achievement Awards
1996     Soulful Mondays Hamilton Birthday Celebration
1996     DeJame Gritar and Some: Music Gallery
1996     Excerpts: York University Strate Studio Theatre
1996     Dance Immersion: du Maurier Theatre Centre
1996     Festival of New Choreography: York University
1996     Festival of World Beat: Centennial Hall
1996     Dance Works Show Time: du Maurier Theatre
1996     Sephardic Memories: Me’irim Dance Company (Shula Strassfield)
1996     Dancetalks: Danceworks
1996     Fall Showcase: Ballet Jorgen (Bent Jorgen)
1994     808 Series: Toronto Central YMCA
1993     Culture Canada: The National Arts Centre
1993     Kick Up Your Heels: Harbourfront Centre
1993     Let’s Eat, Let’s Dance: Harbourfront Centre
1993     Ballet Creole CIBC 1992/93 Dance Season
1983-86  The Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre of Trinidad & Tobago